The Group

Welcome to the Alex Day Group, a diversified portfolio of companies focused on delivering innovative solutions across a range of industries. Our group was founded with a vision to create a network of companies that share our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and social responsibility.

At the Alex Day Group, we are passionate about building successful businesses that make a positive impact on the world. Our portfolio includes companies in a variety of sectors, including automotive, lumber, equipment rentals, self-storage, real estate, and more. Each company in our portfolio operates independently, with its own unique focus and team of experts, but all share the same commitment to excellence and innovation.

Our team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who are dedicated to creating value for our stakeholders. We believe that by leveraging our collective expertise and resources, we can create a network of companies that are greater than the sum of their parts.

One of our core values is sustainability, and we strive to operate our businesses in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment while maximizing our positive social and economic impact. We are committed to creating a sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants, and we believe that business has an important role to play in achieving this goal.

We are proud of the companies in our portfolio and the impact they are making in their respective industries. From auto recycling where our motto is "If you refuse to reuse, it's our earth your abuse" that uses cutting-edge technology to improve environmental impact, to real estate development projects that change communities, to no-waste lumber mill companies that are powering the future, our companies are making a difference.

Thank you for your interest in the Alex Day Group. We invite you to explore our portfolio of companies and learn more about our mission to create a better world through innovative business solutions.