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  • ▶ Automotive

    Due to its significant impact on the global economy and its continued growth potential. With advancements in technology, such as electric and autonomous vehicles, the automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation, presenting new investment opportunities.

  • ▶ Freight & Logistics

    As economies continue to grow and expand, demand for freight services is expected to increase, presenting significant growth opportunities for investors. Additionally, advancements in technology, such as automation and logistics optimization, are driving increased efficiency and profitability.

  • ▶ Self Storage

    Self storage facilities provide a steady stream of rental income, and the demand for storage space has continued to grow in recent years. Additionally, self storage facilities have low maintenance costs, making it a relatively low-risk investment with potential for long-term capital appreciation.

  • ▶ Real Estate

    Real estate has the potential to provide a stable source of income through rental properties or capital gains from property appreciation. Additionally, with the right management and strategic selection of properties, real estate can offer a hedge against inflation and a means to build long-term wealth.

  • ▶ Building/Construction

    With the demand for new construction projects continuing to rise, investing in building and construction can offer both stable cash flow and capital appreciation potential. Additionally, it can provide exposure to various sub-sectors within the industry.

  • ▶ Timber + Remanufacturing

    With increasing demand for sustainable building materials and the potential for capital appreciation, a timber remanufacturing portfolio presents a compelling investment opportunity for those interested in the timber industry.